What we offer

We create each map individually.
We will make your map based on data you provide or on data research carried out by BIOGEOMAPS according to your specifications.
We will gladly advise you regarding the map's design and layout and provide a draft.
The following parameters can serve as a guideline. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Parameters for creating your map

Is the map intended for printing or online publication (or for both)?

What is the map's designated resolution? Please specify it in dpi (dots per inch). The level  of resolution required depends on the medium. For a printed publication, 300 dpi are usually necessary. For an online publication, 72 dpi should suffice.

Greyscale or colour
Should the map be created in black and white, in greyscale or in colour? This is an important cost factor if you plan to print the map.

Format of the map
What should the measurement of the map be? Please specify the dimensions (width and height in mm or inches).

Range of the map
Please define the range, i.e. the area to be covered.

Content of the map
What content should be included in the map? Hydrography, transport network, political borders, vegetation cover, relief,...

Output format
What is the designated output format? PDF, JPG, TIF, EPS, PNG, AI,...

Basic data
Are there any special data the map should be based on? Satellite images, official maps,...

Font, font size, font colour
Are there any requirements for font, font size or font colour?

Title of the map
What is the map's title? Should the title be placed directly on the map or as a caption beneath it?

Are there any special sources to be mentioned in the map?

Additional information
Is there any additional information (e.g. logos) which should be embedded in the map?

Should there be a frame around the map? How wide should it be? Please specify the width in points. What colour should the frame be?


Each offer is made individually. Please contact BIOGEOMAPS for a non-binding calculation of costs and expenses:
Tel. +43 (0)699 17690305
E-Mail peter.gerngross@biogeomaps.eu